Automatic Doors

We at Emperor Shopfitters also design and install automatic doors for both small and large organisations. Installing an automatic door is a great way to attract attention to your shopfront so you’ll draw in new customers. Since the Disability Discrimination Act is in place, you need to provide easy store access for everyone. Automatic doors is one way to comply with this act.

Automatic doors open when their sensor’s signal is activated by an individual approaching the door. Once the signal is regained, then the door closes on its own. This type of door also has a fail-safe safety feature so it won’t close one someone if they are standing in the middle of the doorway. Installing an automatic door for your company is beneficial, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic coming in and out on a daily basis. ¬†Most of the automatic doors we design have an aluminum box that contains the laminated safety glazing. If you’re interested in having us create and install automatic doors for your organisation, then you need to call us at 020 8590 4466 today.

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