Toughened Glass

Are you looking for tempered glass to install in your shop or storefront? Toughened glass, which is also called tempered glass, is glass that will shatter into small cube pieces if it becomes severely vandalised. The small cube glass pieces are less likely to cause harm or injury if someone were to walk on the pieces or pick them up with their bare hands.

Toughened glass is strong because it goes through a rapid heating and cooling process so it gains in strength. Several benefits of choosing us to install toughened glass in your shopfront include:

  • Scratch Resistant Properties
  • High Quality Product that is Visually Appealing
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Strong in Case of Vandalism
  • Council-Friendly

This glass is used by many small and large organisations to prevent the likelihood of vandalism to their property. We also provide a variety of other glass types including obscure glass, bullet proof glass, and laminated safety glazing. If you would like to request an estimate on how much it would cost for us to install toughened glass in your storefront, then you can contact us at 020 8590 4466 today.

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